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10 Popular Ways to Consume Cannabis

Look at the most common cannabis consumption methods according to BDS Analytics.

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Do you remember the “Gold Rush” of the 1800s? And are you on the lookout at the “Green Rush” happening right now?

Both terms have one thing in common - an extremely lucrative market.

With the onset of countries decriminalizing cannabis and allowing the commercial sale of cannabis products, it’s just a short time before all the big MNCs take a leap and invest in this commodious market.

This means, if you are living in a state where cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use, you’ll probably see more dispensaries opening up in your neighborhood, more cannabis edible brands on your Instagram feed and more cannabis-infused beverages in your favorite bar.

So what are the most popular ways that people are consuming the “Green Rush” of cannabis?

BDS Analytics with its GreenEdge™ Retail Sales Tracking database released the Top 10 Ways People Are Consuming Cannabis in 2019. Let the count begin!

Note: The data depicts the retail sales from January 2019 to May 2019 in California, Colorado, and Oregon.

The good’ old bud-dy of yours. To date, the most popular way to consume cannabis can be credited to joints, bongs, and bowls.

The number 2 on the BDS Analytics list remains vapes and accessories that are convenient and are easily accessible in dispensaries in California, Colorado, and Oregon.

Walking through a dispensary in California, you must have bought pre-rolls from RAW or the pesticide-free ones from Dr. Robb. Making it in the top 3, pre-rolls include plain flower as well as the infused ones.

There’s no doubt that gummies are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. Because who doesn’t want a sweet and chewy treat infused with some green rush?!

An extract made from a fresh cannabis plant and frozen later, Live Resin is popular among consumers because it retains the original flavor that is absent in some of the concentrates out there.

In a time when everyone is as busy as a beaver, Droppers are one of the quickest ways to consume cannabis -with a spectrum of flavored tinctures like berries or your favorite tropical fruit.

Though controversial, one-time use vape pens are striking a chord with cannabis consumers especially the Millenials and the proof is the retail sales touching $62 million in 5 months.

A sticky form of concentrate, wax that is derived from the cannabis plant is extracted from a heating process to be used in Vaping, Dabbing or simply just sprinkling it over a joint.

One of the purest forms of concentrate, Shatter gets its name from the glass-like finish and look. Consumers who prefer shatter over other concentrates when smoking, vaping or dabbing because of its high potency and purity.

Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat? Chocolate bars are another edible to make it to the list of 10 popular ways to consume cannabis as it can contain as many flavors you like and as many variations you desire.

  1. Flower (Sales: $768 million)

  2. Vape Cartridges (Sales: $473 million)

  3. Pre-rolled Joints (Sales: $157 million)

  4. Gummies (Sales: $147 million)

  5. Live Resin (Sales: $85 million)

  6. Dropper (Sales: $62 million)

  7. Disposable vapes (Sales: $62 million)

  8. Wax (Sales: $40 million)

  9. Shatter (Sales: $38 million)

  10. Chocolate bars (Sales: $33 million)

Edibles, Vapes, Wax or Flower- which form of cannabis consumption will remain in the Top 10 list by the end of 2019? One thing is for sure, edibles are here to stay.

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