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What it Takes to Make Cannabis Edibles GMP-Compliant

07/03/2022 Various federal, state and local organizations are beginning to monitor the business for compliance as the number of medicines and other consumer products derived from cannabis and its components, notably cannabidiol (CBD), grows.


The Top Cannabis Dispensary Chains in America

03/03/2022 CBD, a non-intoxicating, legal derivative of the cannabis plant that is supposed to alleviate diseases, has swept the wellness circuit, moving America one step closer to legalizing marijuana in its entirety.


5 Popular Cannabis Edible Companies in the US

09/02/2022 We've witnessed a natural grouping of cannabis firms into a few distinct categories as the market for legal cannabinoids continues to thrive in 2022. Here are some of the most popular cannabis edible brands.

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Meet the RAD DADS of Half Day

20/09/2021 Founded by Dave DiCosola & Kam Norwood, Half Day is a CBD brand that has quickly gained local & national raves for providing potent & high-quality CBD products.

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Heavenly Sweet: Have You Tried It Yet?

17/09/2021 All Heavenly Sweet products are made with adult palate and lifestyle in mind using the best ingredients, state-compliance tested for safety, potency and consistency.