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Trade shows are almost always excessively boring. Well, this is not one of them.

Taking place on November 12 in San Francisco and on November 16 in Chicago, the Cannabis Edibles Expo will kick off the world’s first trade show and conference focused on the business of edibles which is the biggest and the impost important cannabis category. This show will bring together the fastest-growing cannabis food brands, retailers, and industry insiders to incubate the future of cannabis food. 

In addition to nationals leading edible brands like Kiva Confections, Wyld (nwnaturalgoods), Coda Signature, and Kaneh Co, there are small fast-growing brands that will be showcased.

The cannabis edibles sector is the largest of all cannabis markets for recreational use in the US where it is now legal in a number of states. Most noticeably in California, Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington, with more states coming on stream all the time.

Taking this huge category, Cannabis Edibles Expo represents one of the best chances for buyers of small dispensaries to large chains like MadMen, Harborside a chance to meet the brand owners and share their passion in building this category.

“There’s really not another B2B show out there that will go this deep into the cannabis edible space,” Sid Patel, Founder, and CEO of Beverage Trade Network, who is the organizer of the show says. “These brands are creating next-level innovation and are growing the end consumers with their solid branding strategies giving dispensaries and distributors a solid reason to buy them.”

“Not only are we going to focus on edibles, but this will be the biggest gathering of cannabis food professionals including chefs to unlock new channels and ways to market edibles”, says Jessica Dobrin, Global Events Head for the Cannabis Division of Beverage Trade Network. Big national FMCG brands will also be present looking at ways to grow and enter into the domain via partnerships and acquisition strategies.

With Chicago opening up, California is the most important market and edibles being the most important category, this is an event not to be missed.

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