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Chicago | Nov. 16, 2021

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Meet the RAD DADS of Half Day

Founded by Dave DiCosola & Kam Norwood, Half Day is a CBD brand that has quickly gained local & national raves for providing potent & high-quality CBD products.

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Half Day is a Chicago-based, black-owned CBD brand that has quickly gained national raves for providing potent, high-quality, rigorously tested products. Their bestselling gummies are made in-house by their expert kitchen team--and have been a hot seller with consumers and wholesale alike. 

Half Day was founded by Dave DiCosola and Kam Norwood, two friends and entrepreneurs inspired by the promise of CBD as a healthy answer to some of life’s most common stresses and ailments. 

Unlike many brands in the space, They make their own products in-house and with help from dedicated processors. Their bestselling gummies are made in their commercial kitchen by their expert kitchen team--and have been an incredibly hot seller with consumers and wholesale customers alike. With a wide variety of SKUs, they focus on quality, potency, and customer satisfaction above all else.

Quick Facts:

- Voted Best Local CBD Source by Chicago Reader magazine 

- Reviewed and raved about by cannabis expert Warren Bobrow in Forbes Magazine

- Featured in Forbes, Life & Style, BroBible, BuzzFeed, Thrillist, Golf Digest, and many more. 

- Their gummies and topical are manufactured in-house in an FDA-certified facility by their team in craft batches

- They work directly with local hemp farms (Illinois) and processors to perfect their tincture formulas, as well as the distillate and isolate that go into their products. They then bottle/manufacture all finished products ourselves. 

- They offer a wide variety of products and dosages including the rarely seen 100mg gummy! At just $49 MSRP for 1000mg of CBD (10 gummies, each with 100mg), it's one of the best deals you'll find. 

- Because they pride themselves on so tightly controlling their supply chain, they're able to keep prices down for their customers.

- Their full-spectrum gummies are the most popular product among customers and wholesale alike--they're flying off the shelves of retailers across the country. 

The meet is in Chicago at Cannabis Edibles Expo on November 16. 

Cannabis Edibles Expo brings together the fastest growing cannabis edibles brands, retailers, and industry insiders to incubate the future of cannabis edibles and food. Cannabis Edibles Show will be the first show to discuss the opportunities in bringing the food sector and the cannabis sector together.

Here are the dates and ticket registration links for you to plan:


San Francisco: November 12, 2021

Chicago: November 16, 2021

San Francisco
Visitor Registration:

South San Francisco Conference Center 255 South Airport Boulevard South San Francisco, CA 94080


Chicago Visitor

November 16, 2021, Midwest Conference Center, 401 W Lake St, Northlake, IL 60164, USA



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