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Governors that are pushing cannabis legalization in the US

List of Governors pushing for legalization in their states.

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Cannabis Legalization has become one of the biggest talks, not only across the nation, but across the globe as well. 

The exposure given to ‘cannabis legalization at the federal level’ by the media has created a higher level of anticipation towards the focus of cannabis consumption to me made legal across the United States.An unstressed number of our representatives are proactive in discoursing the issue, while others are extending their support on the laws which are already built and laws that can be made to streamline a whole new industry of cannabis brands, investors, dispensaries, educators and consumers.

As time has passed by, the awareness of cannabis legalization has increased, and the number of supporters is following the same increment pattern.has spiraled upwards. And if that support comes from Governors and lawmakers, then the legalization process of any state becomes less-troublesome, as they can be the torchbearers of the entire legalization process of that particular state.

Let’s take a look at the governors that are pushing cannabis legalization in the US and the methods they are proposing to do the same.

Gov. Jared Polis

Gov. Jared Polis, who is the governor of Colorado, has been at the forefront during his time for federal marijuana reform in Congress. He pushed a roadmap that supports the motto of increasing the number of banks which finances cannabis businesses legally. He announced a collaboration between marijuana and beer companies to grow cannabis plants in an energy-efficient manner.

Gov. Ned Lamont

The governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, and pioneer lawmakers are striving to legalize cannabis in 2020. A regional approach to cannabis is in development as Lamont has approached governors from the neighboring states to march in the fight as a team.

The Senate president and House speaker have filed a bill to legalize marijuana in Connecticut, on the governor’s behalf. Building a proper system is on cards and his budget proposes subsidizing the new state employees to set and implement a proper system for cannabis.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham

Michelle Lujan Grisham, the governor of New Mexico, lawfully put forth the agenda for the legalization of marijuana. It’s a 30-day session which ends in February, a short time-frame which is unusual.

In 2019, Lujan Grisham called a set of experts to study cannabis and the report plays a crucial role in the formation of legalizing bill which is progressing in the assembly.

Governors have tons of responsibilities and passing a bill is quite challenging. They need to worry about the precautions and consequences which they might have to face in the future. 

Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. 

The governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands appointed a team of lawmakers for a special session where he asked them to consider a proposal to legalize marijuana. He emphasizes on a point that a retirement fund can be generated with the revenue for the government employees. In his State of the Territory Address in January, he presented the opportunities that regulated expansion of the cannabis industry, that can bring potential benefits to the territory.

We think that prohibition of cannabis is not going to last and the governors who are well versed in the areas are aware of the benefits that can be witnessed if the bill is converted into an act. Addressing the issue and pressuring the legislators to operate on cannabis reform are being done by the respective governors. 

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