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What is the female cannabis consumer consuming

Lets take a look into the top product categories that are getting popular amongst females in the cannabis industry.

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When it comes to product preferences, females of all ages are still overwhelmingly purchasing flower, claiming 44% of female spend this year. While flower remains the top product, there has been a shift in the ranking of top product categories for females since 2020 – concentrates overtook edibles in popularity.

The concentrate category shows a direct correlation between age and the percentage of sales share for females.

The younger age groups spend more (14% of sales for under 30), and the sales percentage gradually drops in each age group as you increase in age (60+ age group only spends 5%). Edibles also correlate with age but in an inverse relationship to concentrates.

For the under 30 female age group, edibles are only 5.37% of their sales, 30-40 its 6.93% of their sales, and this trend continues up as the 60+ age group spends 19% of their sales on edibles. This trend also holds up for males – the younger groups are spending more on concentrates while the elders are spending more on edibles.

For all genders, flower has always been the top purchased product, claiming 48.2% of sales in 2021 to date, up 3% sales share from 2020. Cartridges, pens, and edibles slightly fell, while concentrate sales slightly rose.

Source: Akerna

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