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Cannabis Edibles Opulent Chef comes to Cannabis Food Show

Cannabis Food Show has announced the arrival of Michael Magallanes, Opulent Chef, and cannabis edibles chef as a panel speaker.

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Organized by the Beverage Trade Network that brought a record number of cannabis interests together under one canopy at the Cannabis Drinks Expo earlier this year, now brings the Cannabis Food Show 2021, an exhibition for cannabis edibles.

The anticipation and overwhelming response that Beverage Trade Network has received in the form of inquiries for the Cannabis Food Show is absolutely unprecedented. 

Why Cannabis Food Show?

The question must be why not! 

Did you know that the overall European cannabis market is estimated to be worth €123bn, by 2028 out which retail sales alone are expected to be the bigger portion of €68bn in sales according to a research study carried out by the Prohibition Partners?

With the farm bill passed and the ab-288 on the table, there are going to be necessary improvements needed according to the law in the coming future.  Some laws are in place and although they are way too complex to understand

“You can wait till the US law takes a complete decision or you can think quality long term.” - Michael Hayford, CEO, and Chairman, Lighthouse Strategies, LLC.

What is the Cannabis Food Show about?

Cannabis Food Show is an exhibition focused primarily on a cannabis edibles exhibition. Sid Patel’s vision (CEO, Beverage Trade Network) believes there are two main reasons two bring a cannabis edibles exhibition of this kind; a) to bring the ginormous cannabis edibles community that is scattered all across the USA under a single canopy and give them an opportunity to network! And b) share knowledge on the conference by international speakers that have remained veterans of this industry to add actual business value!

Cannabis edibles are an extremely difficult market to crack in the USA. But it is to be kept in mind that in spite of it all, it still stands strong as a $1bn market and has the potential to grow 400 times i.e. become a 4 billion market by 2022 (source: ArcView/BDS Analytics).

Currently, the US market lacks distributors, growers, infrastructure, dispensaries, and product developers and the Cannabis Food Show is here to change that.

The first-ever cannabis edibles exhibition is bringing the biggest edible brands, cannabis chefs, medical marijuana producers, cannabis growers, logistics and supply chain operators, legal advisors, political advisors and many more qualified professionals that are connected with the cannabis edibles industry.

Let’s say you are looking for someone to help you with specific legal guidelines for creating your packaging for gummies, you will find one there. Let’s say you are looking for recipes to create different kinds of cannabis edibles you will find one there. Let’s say you are looking for someone to help you with logistics to transport your cannabis-infused cookies around different states or even countries, you will find one there.

Visitors will comprise of quality dispensaries, venture capitalists, IA&C Act Defaulters, chefs, testing labs, press, etc, which means quality buyers with media coverage. 

Yes, Cannabis Food Show is not leaving any stone unturned, neither for exhibitors nor the visitors.

The Conference

Michael Magallanes, Opulent Chef has been announced to be one of the many speakers at the conference of the Cannabis Food Show.

Michael Magallanes is an expert at creating various cannabis edibles and his 15 years of experience into cooking has brought him a world of unique knowledge to the table. His journey has taken him to Viceland a multinational brand of television channel owned by Vice Media, and get intimate with weed enthusiast and world-renowned rapper 2 Chainz.

The speakers at the edibles exhibition will speak on critical issues via presentations which will discuss intricate cannabis edibles business problems and their solutions.

How will the conference add value to my existing business?

The conference will be concluded by a Q&A session where audience members will be given ample of time to ask questions to the speakers. You can ask tailored questions pertaining to your own business.

The conference will also have panel discussions pertaining to cannabis regulations, selling and distribution of cannabis edibles, barriers to cannabis edibles or cannabis food industry growth, and new pivotal developments of the industry. 

Networking always brings more knowledge. There is a likelihood of you becoming more aware about logistics which cut down costs that you maybe currently incurring, or you find certain machinery while networking which is more efficient at producing faster or more output. You may find a legal advisor who might suggest you steer clear of certain things that you did not know about. And the list goes on.

The Cannabis Food Show is a no-brainer for anyone who is currently a veteran market player, or has recently joined the market, or is looking to join the industry.

Looking forward to meeting you again next time.