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Cannabis Food Show – Global B2B Cannabis Edibles Show in SF

First global B2B cannabis edibles show in San Francisco in 2021!

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Call it weed! Call it Cannabis! Call it marijuana! They don’t care!

Because! Cannabis Food Show is calling out and inviting attendees from around the world to San Francisco, to come and attend or exhibit at the first-ever global B2B Cannabis food exhibition ever in San Francisco.

An event hosted by the Beverage Trade Network, the Cannabis Food Show is one of their most special projects until date!

Currently, the North American market estimates to be valued at $1 billion with an untapped potential growing to turn into a 4 billion dollars market (as estimated by ArcView/BDS Analytics) by 2022.  These analytics can be easily verified considering what markets of Canada and Europe have achieved after legalizing their CBD.

The Cannabis Food Show is created with only one goal in mind, to unlock Cannabis food industry opportunities by connecting buyers and sellers of the cannabis industry and create a social canopy of business value, knowledge exchange, and cannabis industry growth.

Chocolate bars, chocolate bites, tarts, gummies, cookies, cakes, milk, ice-cream, taffy, sour candy, chips, herbal teas, and popcorn are just some varieties that the cannabis-infused food or the cannabis edibles market has brought to the industry frame.

The industry has pushed the envelope to an entirely different level already and it certainly deserves a massive trade show.

In Gary Vee’s words, “Things will soon change!”. And it certainly will and those that invest in this market today and I mean right now will become the big players of this market and will own the majority shares of this big cannabis pie!

Who can I expect on this show?

You can expect exhibitors ranging from some of the biggest boys of the cannabis industry, major brand owners, distributors, retail chain owners, weed-growers, medical marijuana producers, product developers to logistics and legal advisors and many more. This is just to give you an idea of what kind of professionals from such varied fields connect with the cannabis industry for various roles that they play in this billion-dollar industry. 

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How will the Cannabis Food Show add value to my existing business?

The right human resources are the biggest resource for any cannabis edibles company right now. If in any case, you don’t find commonality in most people you meet, Cannabis Food Show is giving you the biggest commonality, i.e. all the visitors and exhibitors are people coming for Cannabis edibles!

This commonality will allow you to create connections and networks with people with the show coming from various professions and conducting varied businesses within the cannabis edibles industry.

You are on the central platform with hundreds of qualitative buyers, sellers, and professionals and let’s you are looking for a legal advisor since you are struggling to introduce your new product in the market due to stringent legalities, there will be attorneys around you, let’s say you are facing a difficulty with exporting your cannabis edibles, there will be professionals from logistics around you.

You could have issues pertaining to testing labs, or are looking for a CBD manufacturer or are looking for drink importers/distributors/wholesalers or are in search of equipment for your manufacturing line you will find everything there!

This edibles food show is a one of a kind, and is sure to actually resolve your business issues, add more value to your business, and find you qualitative buyers and sellers under a single canopy in San Francisco! This labyrinth will be packed with people so make the most of it since this is going to be only an annual opportunity.

The Conference!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about the industry but has gotten interested just by reading this blog post! Come! Attend! And get educated; because the Cannabis Food Show is not just about meeting buyers and sellers, it is also about educating new players of the market.

Veterans like the Michael Magallanes, Founder of Opulent Chef and many more are going to speak about some critical nuances of the cannabis food industry. Their sole reason to attend the Cannabis Food Show is to share their knowledge and experience and of course just like at every speaker session hosted by Beverage Trade Network, they will be available for a Q&A session and a panel discussion!

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Beverage Trade Network has always tried to push the envelope may it be by their wine trade shows and competitions around the world, or by the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2019 which was “an event packed with people!” as per NBC or by their first edition of the Cannabis Food Show upcoming in San Francisco in the year 2021.

“Cannabis Food Show will be in San Francisco on July 30th, 2021 and Chicago on August 4th, 2021." -Beverage Trade Network

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