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Tess Kofoid To Speak At The 2021 Cannabis Food Show Conference

Senior Communications Director Of Solful Dispensary To Speak At Cannabis Food Show

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Do you own a dispensary in the United States? Or planning to open one? How about attending a talk on “Branding and Marketing your Dispensary to grow the top line”?

Tess Kofoid, senior communications director of Solful is coming to 2021 Cannabis Food Show to talk about how a dispensary can establish its brand and market the same to increase its numbers.

Cannabis Food Show will feature a trade area as well as a series of conference sessions & panel debates, offering practical business advice on how to grow your cannabis business from major players in the sector to TED-style leadership talks from some of the biggest names in this fast-growing market.

About Tess Kofoid

Previously worked as a senior director at WineCountry Media, a premier source for all things wine, travel and leisure, Tess is conversant with the state of California.

“I’ve spent years waiting for the legalization of cannabis because I wholeheartedly believe that it can improve your life. I am thrilled to play my role in shifting the conversation and making cannabis approachable,” said Tess on LinkedIn

She adds “Sonoma County’s roots are in farming and agriculture, and cannabis introduces another amazing layer to its bounty. I believe that Northern California will set the bar for cannabis and I feel incredibly inspired being a part of it.”

About Solful Dispensary

Voted as the Best Sonoma County Cannabis Dispensary in 2019 by The Press Democrat Reader’s Choice Awards, Solful Dispensary is located in Sebastopol, a short drive from Santa Rosa.

Each product that you see on their shelves are the brands that they really believe in and stand behind as the Solful team has committed themselves to bring the best to their customers and create a community where each of their processes has no inch of ambiguity.

Visit their website and start exploring.

About Cannabis Food Show

The Cannabis Food Show is the latest cutting edge, breakthrough networking event devised and hosted by the Beverage Trade Network. It was the first event organizer to tackle the cannabis and the drinks industry with its inaugural Cannabis Drinks Expo earlier this year.

So, for anyone looking to glimpse the future of the cannabis food category, the place to be in 2021 will be the Cannabis Food Show, in either San Francisco or Chicago. On July 30 and November 4, respectively, these one-of-a-kind events will be the place to meet directly with potential business partners.

Get your discounted conference tickets here: Chicago | San Francisco

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