Looking forward to meeting you again next time

See you in 2022


Looking forward to meeting you again next time.

The cannabis edibles sector is the largest of all cannabis markets for recreational use in the US where it is now legal in a number of states. Most noticeably in California, Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington, with more states coming on stream all the time.

Canada has widened its legalized cannabis rules to include edibles from October 2019. In Europe, the legal CBD cannabis products market is set to grow by 400% by 2023 (Source: Brightfield). It has resulted in a surge of new cannabis edible products on the market - from gummies to cakes, brownies, and chocolates, all the way through to gourmet food -  which, in turn, has opened up a whole new retail sector for distributors and retailers.

The Cannabis Edibles Expo will also look at the opportunities for cannabis edibles in the restaurant sector and the emergence of new cannabis-dedicated dining concepts. The Cannabis Edibles Expo conference will be a combination of panel debates, offering practical business advice on how to grow your cannabis business from major players in the sector to TED-style leadership talks from some of the biggest names in this fast-growing market. The focus will be on sharing best practice ideas on how to make the most of cannabis edibles in different channels and the constantly changing legal framework within which producers and retailers need to operate.


Whether you are an edible brand, cannabis chef, grower, winery, distillery, importer, distributor, retailer, or a negociant that’s just starting out, or work in bulk, private label or contract manufacturer, or simply wish to expand your skillset and gain new perspective in bulk and private label business, the Cannabis Edibles Expo Conference is a must-attend event.

See you in 2022

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